Press IV Rotary Tablet Press Machine – High Speed Pill Press Machine cGMP


DOUBLE SIDED HIGH SPEED ROTARY TABLET PRESS cGMP 45 Stn. ‘D’, 55 Stn. ‘B’, 61 Stn. ‘B’, 75 Stn. ‘BB’

Technical Specifications:

Type FXT IV-45 D FXT IV-55 B FXT IV-61 B FXT IV-75 BB
No. of Stations 45 55 61 75
No. of Tooling D B B BB
Output-Tablets/Hr 65,000 79,000 87840 108000
Max. Tablet Dia 23mm 16mm 16mm 11.1mm
Max. Depth of Fill 20mm 17mm 17mm 17mm
Upper Punch Penetration 1.5-8mm 1.5-8mm 1.5-8mm 1.5-8mm
Main Electric Motor 7.5Kw/10HP 7.5Kw/10HP 7.5Kw/10HP 7.5Kw/10HP
Power (Total) 8.75Kw/11HP 8.75Kw/11HP 8.75Kw/11HP 8.75Kw/11HP
Overall Dimension(cm) 167x178x209H 167x178x209H 167x178x209H 167x178x209H
Net Weight 3750Kg 3750Kg 3750Kg 3750Kg

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