ULV Nano Foggers for aerial disinfection

Dry vapour fumigation machine

  • Compatible with wide range of (H2O2 based) fogging solutions & environment disinfectants.
  • Enables fast & safe aerial fumigation process.
  • Generates ultra fine (sub micron sized) dry fog of non wetting aerosols disinfecting large spaces uniformly.
  • Delivers 90% more thrust & spread than any other fogging machine.
  • No wet surfaces, Non-wetting aerosol fog safe for equipments.
  • Validated for bio decontamination in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, veterinary & food sectors.
  • Fumigation is delivered as a dry vapour allowing furniture to be also subjected to the decontamination process.
  • Cost effective, and competitively priced.


  • In the fight against infections & disease outbreak, we have developed the ultimate safe, rapid & effective fumigation machine, which can be used with wide range of (H2O2 based) fogging solutions & other environment disinfectants for effective removal of spores, bacteria and the virus associated with a wide range of nosocomial pathogens.
  • Used in : Operating theatres, recovery rooms, ICUs, mortuaries, general wards, ambulances, IVF facility Laboratories, clinics etc.

Pharmaceutical, Laboratories, Biotechnology & Medical device mfg. sector

  • Companies & labs need to ensure that their clean rooms & sterile areas are microbiologically safe at all times in order to manufacture injections, medicines, liquid orals, vaccines as well as medical devices.
  • Dry vapor like fog of H2O2 based fogging solutions generated by ULV  Nano foggers is a proven & validated disinfection treatment for these areas.
  • It is equally useful for disinfection of ducts and HV/AC systems.
  • Facilities can range from very small rooms to large areas.

Aerial disinfection and environment sanitization in Food & Beverage plants

  • ULV Nano foggers is an ideal choice for aerial/environment disinfection/fogging of space in production & packaging areas and fogging on inaccessible difficult to reach machinery surfaces.
  • It can also be used for disinfection of water contact surfaces such as water tanks, all food contact surfaces such as food trays, vessels, jars, machinery, food storage containers etc.

Disinfection in Animal houses & Veterinary hospitals

    • Effective sanitation of animal facilitiesis vital to the health of the animals. The majority of sanitizing routines are based around the manual spraying of disinfectants that takes time and effort to apply.
    • Use of ULV Nano foggers ensures speedy dispersion of the disinfecting aerosol vapor in large & small facilities ensuring rapid & effective aerial as well as surface sanitization all around.

ULV Nano foggers is widely used in :

  • Poultries, hatcheries, kennels, stables, veterinary surgeries and animal hospitals.
  • It can be used with most liquid disinfectants, giving it the advantage of use against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi or for the treatment of a specific entity.

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