Hematology Analyzer

Technical Specifications:

The machine is for 19 parameters & 3 histograms. Automated to increase productivity 3-part differential cell counter with 22 parameter & laser light source Direct tube sampling from collection vials for operator safety Bar code capability to reduce manual input, accurate results More than 60 samples per hour low maintenance required Total amount of WBC. WBC amount of Lymphocyte Ly Amount of Monocyte MO Amount of Granulocyte GR Lymphocyte percentage Ly% percentage of mononuclear cells MO% Granulocyte percentage GR% total amount of RBC Hemoglobin HGB Hematocrit HCT Mean volume of red blood cells MCV Mean corpuscular hemoglobin MCH Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration MCHC RBC volume distribution width Coefficient of variation RDW-cv standard deviation of RBC volume distribution width RDW-sd Total amount of platelet PLT Mean platelet volume MPV Plateletcrit PCT Platelet distribution width PDW White blood cell distribution histogram WBC Histogram RBC distribution histogram RBC Histogram Platelet distribution histogram PLT Histogram 2. Parameters: Use impedance method for RBC and platelet count Cyanide free for Hemoglobin test Flow cytometry +laser light scatter + chemical dye method for WBC differential analysis Fully automated with an autoloader & sampler use both closed tube sampling & open tube sampling 2 counting mode, whole blood & pre-diluted mode With histograms and scatter grams.

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